Awareness raising: it planned to update the Regional Directorate of Education, invitation to schools in order to participate in the actions, Information Day about the need for democratic tackling racism and violence and hate speech from “wherever they come (with guest University / researcher) and the need to strengthen democratic education lessons in schools.

Campaign for the institutionalization of the project and carrying it to other schools periodically to address collective claims

– Creating video animation with clear messages and reflection phrases, such as those collected and made by the students themselves. It takes shape in the course of the project to the finished product.

Strengthening intercultural dialogue: At least 100 students, after consultation with their teachers, will involve at 6 Acts of Dialogue who will represent all the cultural, ethnic or other part of the student spectrum.

Mutual dissemination and learning of knowledge: The whole project is a voluntary communication between the world of informal / non-formal learning and procedures (Civil Society) in the area of ​​formal education (of the active school) and communion to be created by new data communication that Actions supporting this process: teacher training in technical World Cafe moderation, acquire understanding of operational rules and ways of the school community, constraints where applicable, etc.

Cultural initiatives to promote democratic values, including human rights: Creating video animation into a logical modern stamping of messages via youtube, facebook, web, Twitter, padlet, as artistic performance messages produced and exchanged in the process as process and biome (bilingual)

Competence Development: 1 day Seminar in volunteering to young volunteers.