Making Of Citizens

moc-en Our project gives emphasis on participatory democracy, information and awareness for active citizenship and the Protection of the Rights of Different.

 Through the project CYCLISIS aims to promote Democratic Education of students aged 11-15 as Acts of Dialogue. This should be achieved through workshops held using World Café technique (discussion groups in the presence of a moderator) – training teachers in the use of the technique in their role as moderator and the recording of findings – developing research using questionnaires, which will distribute the involved teachers and from which will emerge the basic queries – topics of the meetings with the technical World Café.
 Another goal of this project will be the collection of information and all important data in one version – creating video animation 10-15 long ‘focusing the main conclusions of the discussions with children and to raise awareness in education, of educational policy makers and others on the emerging political consciousness to conform with democratic values, eliminate the conflict rests on introspection, bigotry, and promotion of dialogue and equivocate.